In respect to the Public Health regulation this page will be a guideline to all overseas vessels visiting our Ports in Tarawa as well as Kiritimati Island.

A. No vessel will be piloted into KPA waters until cleared from Health.
B. Port control will direct all vessels to quarantine designated area upon arrival in Tarawa.
C. Vessel will be sent away if it is not cleared – Health will advise so.
D. Port will close to fishing vessels.
E. If vessels (including fishing vessels) are suspected of the virus but their entry to the port is
F. essential, the following below shall be considered; -
i) If the pilot refuses to board the vessel for pilotage due to risk of the virus, the pilot will pilot
ii) the vessel to the jetty from pilot boat should the vessel master agrees.
iii) If the vessel refuses to be piloted by the pilot boat due to risk of aground, discharge of
iv) essential cargoes will be arranged outside the pilot station using landing crafts.
v) iii) Should it be necessary for the pilot to board the vessel for pilotage, the pilot shall wear full
vi) PPE and avoid body contact with officers and crew on the vessel.
vii) iv) Health will assist in providing PPE and training on the use of the PPE.
To minimize the exposure of employees to the Covid19 corona virus, KPA will work with a minimum
number of staff and stevedores. Stevedoring services will be carried as below for container vessels; -
A. All cargoes are to be received in containers.
B. All containers on board including necessary areas on the vessel are to be sprayed with
disinfectants. If vessel crew cannot do the disinfection, Health & KPA will carry out such
C. Vessel and containers are to be left untouched for 12 hours while berthing.
D. Cargo operation will commence after this 12 hours.
E. Vessel crew will discharge cargoes onto the jetty.
F. KPA will only cart containers from jetty to the yard.
G. Containers will be kept in KPA for 5 days quarantine before release to consignees.
H. Stevedores are to wear proper PPEs for the whole operation.
I. Distance of 2 meters to avoid body contact and hand-wash at allocated intervals are to be
J. Mid night operation/shift is to be cancelled.
K. The same procedure will be applied to loading of exports.
L. In the event where vessel crew cannot discharge containers as in (e) above, KPA stevedores will board the vessel for discharge of containers in line with SOP above and below; -
i) Vessel crews are to be confined in their rooms to avoid body contact before KPA stevedores
ii) board the vessel and throughout the operation period.
iii) ii) Again the same procedure will be applied to loading of exports.
A. All foreign fishing vessels are to be sent away from port and port is closed for them.
B. For vessels that are allowed to enter the port waters, the following conditions will apply.
i) No mooring service to fishing vessels.
ii) No boats to be dropped from fishing vessel.
iii) No shore-leave of crew – only when necessary. Ship agent should advise KPA for necessary shore-leave.
iv) Local crew will be allowed to shore-leave upon approval by Health.
C. Local boats are to be stopped from visiting fishing vessels.
D. Raise ISPS security to Level 2 for KPA to work with KPS to patrol the anchorage area and to stop boats from visiting fishing vessels.
E. The patrol team will also make sure that point (b)(ii) above is enforced by fishing vessels.

For more information please send your queries to the task force 

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